we make things. 

we use technology to turn raw materials into things that make space look beautiful. 


unfortunately, this means we have to use energy resources and and the things we make will ultimately create or contribute to waste.

so because of this, we know its critical that we recognise our impact on the environment, and more importantly, that we do something about it.

for too long, pvc-based products have been a fixture of our industry and the consequences of this pollutes our earth and oceans with its waste. 

it's time to stop. 

ready to make beautiful spaces sustainably?


our mission

from the 1st May 2021 we will be carbon neutral

and operating a zero to landfill policy.

we are also actively seeking green alternatives to all other traditionally used materials. 


our commitment

we are continuously developing and investing in sustainable solutions and partnerships which will support the policies and strategies of our clients


what we're doing

we have made a number of changes to our business in order to operate as sustainably as possible. 

changes include powering our factory using electricity generated from 100% renewable sources, implementing motion sensor technology throughout our premises and only using water based or UV inks on all of our machines.